A PROTECTED witness giving evidence against Tolo Cursach’s nephew case says a black SUV car has twice tried to run him off the road.

The unnamed witness, who has denounced the nightclub owner’s nephew, told a Palma court he was unable to see the BMW driver’s face.

SUSPECT: Tolo Cursach (right) faces string of charges

The incident, which occurred when the witness went to Palma to testify in the trial of Pedro Rosselló Cursach, was revealed in court this week.

Rossello Cursach faces ten years in prison for hiring two hitmen to brutally beat the witness.

According to the district attorney Miguel Ángel Subirán the witness faces an ‘extraordinary and exceptional’ threat as ‘they don’t want him to live they want to end him’.

Tolo Cursach faces a string of charges, including bribery, extortion, threats, money-laundering and homicide.

The witness, a former worker at  Cursach’s club Tito’s, has supplied details of the car’s registration, which is being sought by police.

He has also alleged that parties involving cocaine and prostitutes were organised for police officers at the club, with the drugs brought by boat in suitcases.

Another witness who rented a flat in Palma’s calle Lluis Marti de Palma has claimed it was used by prostitutes.

It is alleged that politicians Jose Maria Rodriguez and Alvaro Gijon are among those who visited the brothel, where it is alleged sado masochism and drugs were used.

Prostitutes often left the apartment bleeding and bruised after clients left, the witness has alleged.

Rodriguez and Gijon both deny the allegations.

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