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Cursach bows to public pressure and vows to re-open Megasport gym

EMBATTLED business mogul Tolo Cursach has confirmed that he will reopen his Megasport gym after former employees and members protested. More than 500 people took...

Cursach witness speaks out: “It’s like a horror movie”

A PROTECTED witness in the Tolo Cursach case has told the press that cooperating with the authorities has ‘destroyed his life’. ‘Witness 29’ has given...

Further blow for Cursach as Megapark capacity reduced by half

THERE was more bad news for disgraced nightlife magnate Tolo Cursach this week. Megapark, marketed as Europe’s largest beer garden, will have its capacity slashed...

Tolo trouble! Two key trials set to take place over next fortnight

SENIOR members of the Mallorquín police, including a commissioner, are facing ten years in prison for their involvement in the Tolo Cursach case. They are...

Tolo Cursach set to face jury for illegal rifle possession

AN AMERICAN firearm not available in Spain was found under ' King of the Night' Tolo Cursach's bed, causing another charge to be added...

Former nightlife king Tolo Cursach refused bail as he returns to jail in Palma

CRIME lynchpin Tolo Cursach is being transferred back to prison in Palma… but he won’t get bail. It comes after the judge in his corruption...

Mallorca police seize illegal Halloween stock and jewels in warehouse raids

More than 5,000 fake bags and wallets were to be sold on Palma streets

Tolo Cursach witness claims police offered her bribe to leave Spain

One officer was verbally threatening, claims protected witness

From court to caught: the rags to riches story of Mallorca’s ‘King of the Night’ Tolo Cursach

How a young tennis fan turned into a notorios island figure facing decades in prison

Police officer claims under-fire politician Alvaro Gijon sacked him over journalist ‘threat’

Former inspector claims Gijon had 'absolute control' over his force

Mallorca nightclub boss Tolo Cursach denies witness intimidation in jail video-call

Infamous 'King of the Night' refuses to answer any more questions

Tolo Cursach nephew given a 15-month suspended sentence for witness threats

Pedro Rosselló Cursach walks free after intimidating protected witness

Witness in Tolo Cursach nephew’s case claims driver tried to run him off road twice

Protected witness claims BMW driver tried to kill him twice

Mallorca bar owners hoping to stay open an hour later after closure of BCM club

Pubs want to stay open until 5am at party resort

Mallorca politician Alvaro Gijon denies enjoying cocaine-fuelled orgies with Tolo Cursach

PP MP hits out after witness accuses him of links to controversial nightclub owner

Millionaire nightclub owner Tolo Cursach transferred from Mallorca to Valencia prison

Lawyer files complaint against Palma prison director





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