MILLIONAIRE businessman Tolo Cursach is facing up to 80 years in jail for a string of alleged offences.

Cursach and his cohort Bartolomé Sbert have been charged with 16 counts, including bribery, extortion, threats, money-laundering, homicide, corruption and possession of firearms.

IN THE DOCK: Tolo Cursach faces string of charges
IN THE DOCK: Tolo Cursach faces string of charges

The Mallorca impresario assembled his wealth over a 33-year period, owning some 30 nightclubs, bars and restaurants on the island.

Rubbing shoulders with King Juan Carlos, his business empire included BCM in Magaluf and Megapark in Arenal, but the source of his wealth has been a cause of suspicion for years.

“Either he was very clever or we were very stupid,” said one police source.

Mixing with Mallorca’s political elite, the source of Cursach’s wealth has long been a subject of curiosity.

Cares Manera, an economics professor and former Socialist economist expert, estimated around €300 million in public funds disappeared in one four-year period on the island.

“Tolo acted with impunity as far as the councils of Palma and Calvià were concerned,” said fellow nightclub owner Ángel Ávila.

“He ended up with everything. He became overlord of the night. Any tourist coming to Mallorca inevitably dealt with one of his businesses.

“He threatened anyone he came up against and destroyed other people’s businesses so he could snap them up at rock-bottom prices.”

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