POPULAR PARTY (PP) MP Alvaro Gijon has denied taking drugs and using prostitutes at orgies run by jailed nightclub owner Tolo Cursach.

Denying he knew Cursach, currently in prison on a string of corruption and one murder charge, Gijon claimed he had offered to take a drug test to prove his innocence.

ORGY CLAIM: Gijon denies attending drug sex parties

It comes after witnesses in Cursach’s trial fingered the politician for allegedly attending sex parties at luxury country pads with ‘king of the night’ Cursach.

Gijon said: “I have never been in any finca or party of the kind they are saying.

“I am facing a diabolical situation. It’s impossible to be able to show something like that, simply because it never happened.

“It’s difficult to prove I took drugs and to say I went with prostitutes is perverse. In my case, the presumption of innocence has disappeared.”

He added: “I have spent a year trying to show my innocence, when nobody has proved I am guilty of anything.”

Following the explosive claims, rival politicians called for Gijon’s suspension from the political world.

Jose Hila, the mayor of Palma, said he ‘felt disgust’ and ‘sick to the stomach’ that Gijon was continuing as a councillor, despite the allegations.

“The magnitude of the witness allegations override corruption – now we are speaking about mafia practices,” added Mes MP David Abril.

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