THIS is the horrifying moment a distressed bull killed itself by ramming a wooden post. 

The half-tonne animal became confused while its horns had been set on fire by locals.

It rammed the wooden post it had been tired to, dying instantly in the collision.

The animal died at the burning bull festival in the small town of Foios, 10 miles north of Valencia in eastern Spain.

As is tradition, balls of wax were placed on the bull’s horns before being set ablaze.

Earlier in the day the same animal had gorged a man in the leg during the ‘bous al carrer’ festival, which is Valencian for ‘bulls in the street’, during which the animals chase locals through narrow lanes and into the town square.

The local man, aged 20, was treated by paramedics at the scene.

A video of the bull dying was posted online by animal rights campaigners.



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  1. Horrific. What will it take to stop these primitive barbarians practising their “culture”?
    The Valencian region is currently run by a so-called Socialist administration, who have promised to do away with bullbaiting, yet allow this obscenity to continue. This video should be projected in a continuous loop on to the facade of the town hall in Plaza De Ayuntamiento Valencia, during this Fira de Valencia, for all to “enjoy”.

  2. Difference: This is State approved filth. Bullbaiting is even subsidised by the taxpayer in Spain. Yes, by you too Mr. and Mrs Tourist, whether you like it or not.
    All this a Galaxy away from criminal, small-scale cruelty in the UK.

  3. I support some of the ways of bull running , but this way of bull running called “Bou embolat” (Bull with balls, refering to the bllas of fire ), is a cruelilty that must be forbiden. Because is a barbaric and miserable way of torturing an animal and because the bulls are can not see people because the light of the fire blinds them, and torture and terrifies them.

    I can not see any merit for the runners if the bull can not see them.

    It is a twisted and cruel way of to transform a bull in a pyrotechic toy for the amusement (?), …………………without risk.

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