THIS is the moment a Spanish policeman broke his thigh bone while trying to trip up a migrant. 

His right foot was left facing the wrong way after suffering a double fracture while attempting to kick a migrant to the ground.

CCTV captured the stomach-turning injury at the border crossing between Morocco and the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in the early hours of Monday morning.

It comes as Spanish cops detained 19 migrants today found hiding in fairground lorries. 

The migrants, all from Morocco or Algeria, were waiting to board ferries to mainland Spain.

Police with thermal imaging equipment and sniffer dogs found them among bumper cars and a ghost train, waiting in Ceuta.

The group included nine children.

Ceuta and Melilla have become magnets for African migrants hoping to reach Spain.

Most are fleeing poverty and violence in sub-Saharan Africa – but many are not from war zones.

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  1. Refugees? Anyone see any women and children in that mob? And if you expect the border guards to do their jobs as so-called “Law Enforcement”, why no shots fired? Even if in the air to warn them first? Oh I forgot, politically correct European politicians (voted in by the people!) think marauding hordes of uneducated military-age African and Muslim men is good for Europe. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that the guard who broke his leg is fired for trying to stop them!!

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