AROUND 100,000 men visit prostitutes in the Balearic Islands each year, it has been revealed.

Some 2,350 female prostitutes work on the islands in an industry worth €50 million annually.

BALEARIC PROSTITUTION: Around 100,000 men pay for sex each year

According to the new report  from The Study Group for Prostitutes on the Balearic Islands (GEPIB), 5,000 local men pay for sex five or more times a month.

Around 15,000 men visit prostitutes three or four time a month while 25,000 do so around once a month.

The study also revealed that 600 of the women are forced to sleep with men 20 times a week or more.

It went on to say that Spain’s economic recession had seen a rise in women aged 40 or over turning to prostitution to pay bills.

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