FESTIVAL promoters are demanding bigger fines for safety breaches after high-profile incidents in Spain this summer.

The death of an acrobat at Madrid’s Mad Cool and a fire that sent 20,000 revellers fleeing from Barcelona’s Tomorrowland have raised concerns over the 1,000 festival held annually in Spain.

FESTIVAL FEARS: Organisers want bigger fines for breaking regulations

“Above all, fines for not complying with the rules need to be raised. The current penalties are not dissuasive,” said security expert José Luis Gómez.

“If a businessman wants to break the law, the first thing he does is to calculate how much a fine will cost him.”

“If the gain is greater than the fine, it’s worth it for him.”

However, one promoter, Albert Salmerón, said despite recent high-profile incidents such cases are ‘minimal’.

“Festivals are secure and follow very strict rules with evacuation plans,” he said.

Aunque Pepo Márquez, spokesperson for the music industry trade union the USM said festivals may be saving money on security.

“Contracting people on double shifts, for example. There are security staff that spend 12 hours a day on their feet and then when you demand 100% from them they can’t do it,” said Marquez.

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