Malaga city at night

MALAGA’S international exports have increased by almost 20% in just one year.

In the first half of this year, the province has raked in €1.14 billion from goods sold outside the country, a 19.2% increase on last year.

It means that since 2007, Malaga has doubled its sales abroad.

If it continues on its current trajectory, it is expected to break all records by exporting €2.37 billion worth of goods by the end of 2017.

Foreign sales in the province continue to be led by the food, beverages and tobacco sector (€605 million up to June, up 17.7%) and consumer goods (€185.5 million up to June, with an increase of 44.2%).

Olive Oil is one of Malaga’s main exports

The agro-food industry, which includes olive oil, meat and subtropical crops, broke the €1 billion barrier for exports for the first time 2016, surpassing 2015 figures by 21% and accounting for more than half of total exports.

In terms of consumer goods (including textiles), its export volume contributed another 14% to the total sales of Malaga.

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