LEFT-WING campaigners have vowed to ‘take down’ a Mallorca anti-gay group’s protest aeroplane using Game Of Thrones tactics.

FLYING INTO CONTROVERSY: Aeroplane used by Hazteoir

Young radicals from the PSIB party hit back at the ultra-Catholic Hazteoir (Make Yourself Heard) after they flew a plane flying a homophobic banner.

The message read ‘LGTB gag law: They are going for your children’ and was widely condemned by Mallorca politicians.

Activists from PSIB tweeted ‘we are not Cersei Lannister [a Game Of Thrones character] but we will take down the Hazteoir plane with the weight of the LGTB law’.

Palma’s mayor, Antoni Noguera, accused Hazteoir of ‘contaminating’ the air and said ‘they were not welcome’.

The group has previously flown anti-LGTB sorties over Cadiz, Malaga, Almeria and Granada.

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