THE GOVERNING Council of Andalucia has passed pioneering regulation permitting specific gambling venues to allow sports betting.

In addition to allowing online sports betting, venues such as slot parlours, casinos, betting shops and bingo halls will now also be allowed to offer the service.

It is hoped that the relaxation of sport gambling laws will aid the Andalucian gaming industry´s recovery.

However, the Clinical Lead Therapist at Villa Paradiso, a drug and rehabilitation centre condemned the new gambling laws.

“We are not supporting the new law that has been announced as it will just cause more people to have gambling problems.

“Sports gambling will just bring a whole new group into the world of gambling.”

Isabel Fernandez Rodríguez, the President of the National Association of Entrepreneurs of Gaming and Recreational Halls, argued that the new laws would result in the creation of additional jobs as well as providing a financial boost for local government through taxation.

The Andalucian Government have argued that they are implementing tighter identify controls, age verification and player protection measures to combat the rise in gambling addiction in the region.

Between 2010 and 2014, the gaming industry in Andalucia experienced decreases in revenue of up to 40 to 51%.

“Recent studies and statistics show gambling is one of the most hidden addictions.

“There has been a massive increase in gambling addiction due to internet gambling especially with the younger population,” the expert at Villa Paradiso continued.

Sports gambling will remain illegal in non-gaming venues such as hotels and bars.

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