THIS is the sickening moment a group of hikers in Spain pushed a boar off a cliff edge.

Guardia Civil have made a public appeal for information on the group of seven walkers, who taunt the animal with sticks before forcing it to its death.

The vile video was shot on a popular trekking path known as the Cares Trail in Spain’s famous Picos de Europa mountain range inland from the country’s northern coast.

One of the hikers can be heard shouting: “A little more and it will fall.”

Meanwhile his friends can be seen prodding the animal with a stick.

It then plunges to its death, smashing against a huge rock on the way down, before the man adds: “That’s it!”

The group then appear to congratulate themselves on their actions.

The wild boar is thought to have been injured prior to the men coming across it as they were on their mountain walk.

The footage has already been seen by hundreds of thousands of people.

The Civil Guard’s Nature Protection Service Seprona said in a tweet: “Do you know the people who pushed a wild boar off a mountain in the Picos de Europa National Park.

“‘Make sure it doesn’t go unpunished.”

Anyone with information should contact the Guardia Civil.


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