ALMOST half of the families that will be evicted from one of Son Banya’s largest buildings have already accepted the relocation process as well as generous housing benefits.

Earlier this year the government confirmed it would demolish the decades-old slum.

Currently 45 families live in the makeshift building, near Palma airport.

A further 70 families, with 200 children, live nearby and also face resettlement in the coming three years.

Some 20 families have now agreed to prepare for the evictions, 15 of which do not have other housing options. The rest of the families will be met with over the coming weeks.

Those without housing have met the first of the requirements for government aid come next spring.

Families who meet all the requirements, including enrolling children into schools and adhering to programs for work stability, can receive €1,000 a month for five years.

Others are entitled to other types of aid for the mandatory evictions.

Many of the families will be relocated to different areas of Palma.

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