The EU and UK must ensure the rights of British citizens living elsewhere in the EU, leading citizens’ rights campaign group British in Europe has demanded.

Their call comes as Theresa May moves onto phase two of Brexit negotiations despite leaving the issues of citizens’ rights and the Gibraltar and Spain border unresolved.

British in Europe is the largest coalition group British citizens living and working in Europe, comprising around 35,000 expats.

The group have highlighted three priorities for the Prime Minister.
Firstly, British in Europe have asked for continued negotiations over citizens’ rights with the same people from both sides meeting regularly.

The group believe that if the same politicians meet, it will lead to a greater understanding of the key issues at hand and better relationships between EU and UK decision makers.

Secondly, British in Europe demand that the rights they enjoy as EU citizens in Europe are maintained, including free movement.

Lastly, following on from this, the group would like to see a statement issued by Number 10 that states there will not be a backtracking on rights that they are promised as negotiations progress even further.

“When we moved to the EU it was to a single territory without internal borders, not one with walls along national boundaries,” said Jane Golding, Chair of British in Europe.

“The decision to defer discussions of our free movement means that many of the most enterprising citizens the UK has produced in the last 40 years have no idea yet how they will continue to make a living.”

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