A SCOTTISH rally champ has died after the plane he was piloting collided with a helicopter in Alicante.

Donald Milne, an instrumental figure in the early success of rallying superstar Colin McRae, died on impact as a chopper struck down his helicopter at the private Mutxamel airfield.

The 65-year-old was, according to eyewitnesses, ten metres above the ground when his Bucker Biplane was brought down as the helicopter’s rotor clipped the wing.  

The father-of-two was immediately taken to hospital but was declared dead upon arrival and will be survived by his wife Fiona.

Tributes have flooded in for Milne, famous for winning the Scottish championship in 1991.

Former co-driver Bob Wilson relished the time they had spent together saying ‘five wonderful years we spent together and he will be dearly missed’.

Motoring journalist John Fife said: “When he was being told that he should be taking things more easily at his age, his response was ‘I’d rather go in my beloved aeroplane than having you spoon-feed me later on’.”

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