Migrants inside the Archidona centre

THE Algerian government has announced its own investigation into the death of one of its citizens in Malaga’s Archidona prison.

It has asked for the body of Mohamed Bouderbala in order to carry out its own autopsy.

Spanish police claim Bouderbala hung himself in his cell, but his brother Ahmed Bouderbala said he ‘would never kill himself’ and claimed police brutality in the prison is rife and more likely to blame.

It comes after authorities were blasted for turning the newly-built prison into a detention centre for migrants and refugees.


The Algerian government said: “The Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation into the death of Mohamed Bouderbala in a detention center in southern Spain and we have asked the Spanish authorities for the body of the deceased so that we can perform an autopsy.”

Bouderbala is one of more than 500 Algerians who were imprisoned in the Archidona prison last November by decision of the Ministry of the Interior.

It is controversial because according to Spanish legislation, these centers can not be ‘of a prison in nature’.

His body was found on December 29 in his prison cell with signs of suicide.


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