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Spain vows to ‘defend national interests’ as Algeria suspends cooperation treaty in diplomatic row over Western Sahara

SPAIN’S government vowed to ‘defend’ its national interests just hours after Algeria announced the decision to suspend a 20-year-old treaty of friendship and cooperation. Foreign...

French fugitive on the run for 13 years arrested in Spain’s Alicante for drug trafficking

OFFICERS from Spain’s Policia Nacional in Alicante have arrested a 38-year-old Frenchman wanted for drug trafficking since 2009. The fugitive was allegedly part of a...

Network of overcrowded unhygienic flats housed trafficked migrants on Spain’s Costa Blanca

THE Policia Nacional have raided six flats crammed with trafficked migrants in the north of Alicante City. The living conditions were described as 'very poor'. The...

People smuggling boat service between Spain’s Murcia and Algeria intercepted before picking up first passengers

FOUR Algerian men have been arrested in Murcia after plans to smuggle in people on boats from North Africa were rumbled by the Policia...

Seizure of fake luxury branded jewellery with €1 million price tag on Spain’s Costa Blanca

BOGUS branded luxury jewellery items with a retail value close to €1 million have been discovered in shipping containers at the port of Alicante. The...

Underage trafficker charged over 12 deaths after migrant boat sinks off Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN Algerian minor has been charged with 12 counts of reckless homicide after a dinghy transporting migrants sank off the Alicante Province coast. Only five...

Marbled Duck quacks back in Spain with much-needed population rise

SPAIN'S Marbled Duck population is bouncing back after serious concerns about its decline. Falling numbers in the 2010s led to the official declaration of the...

Stolen items from Costa Blanca beach goers despatched on people smuggling route between Spain and Algeria

AN Alicante-based people-trafficking gang has been arrested in a joint Policia Nacional-Europol operation. The criminal crew ran a route between Spain and Algeria and also...

Energy costs soar in Spain for the sixth day in a row amid warning to expect leap of €475...

ENERGY costs in Spain will increase by €475 this year, due to the high cost of natural gas and an increase of CO2 emission charges in Europe, warned the Bank of America.

People smugglers arrested in Costa Blanca and Madrid areas who charged €12,000 per person for journey to Spain

POLICE have smashed the Spanish end of an international people smuggling gang that charged Bangladeshi nationals an average of €12,000 each to get into...

Almeria to Algeria ferry resumes service after 20 months suspension

THE city of Almeria in Spain's Andalucia welcomed the resumption of ferry services to Algeria on Saturday, November 13. All services had been suspended...

DNA tests solve mystery of a body that floated 300 kilometres to Spain’s Costa Blanca

DNA tests have identified a female windsurfer found floating in Costa Blanca waters by a Javea fishing boat in early June. Strong currents from the...

IN PICS: Criminal gang busted smuggling Algerians into France via coastal provinces of Spain

A COMPLEX operation involving trafficking people from Algeria to France has been busted by Spain’s Guardia Civil. Vulnerable people were taken from Algeria and promised...

YEAR-LONG ordeal of malnourished woman exploited and imprisoned in garage of house on Spain’s Costa Blanca

AN Algerian woman is recovering in an Alicante Province hostel after she was virtually imprisoned in an Agost house for over a year. She was...

British gang among 85 arrests for ‘explosives and murder’ in HUGE drugs bust that seized AK-47, five tonnes of...

The gang of four Brits operated from a house in Istan and are believed to have trafficked hash to the UK

Police in Spain break up Asian people-smuggling ring

The Bangladesh-based network reportedly obtained fraudulent visas for at least 350 people

17 African migrants killed and 100 rescued in shipwreck off Spain’s Costa del Sol

The total death toll of migrants travelling to Spain now reaches 566, a UN Migration Agency report confirmed today, while the number of arrivals to Spain now stands at 49,013

Missing Spanish captain found safe and sound in Algeria

A FRENZIED search for a missing Palma sailboat has ended in relief after its captain and the vessel were located in an Algerian Port. Maritime...

Frost and drought causing widespread shortages in Spanish vegetable crops

FROSTS across Spain are causing widespread shortages of vegetables with suppliers scrambling to find alternatives to avoid a repeat of last year's crisis. The January...

African government to investigate ‘suspicious’ death of migrant in Malaga detention camp

THE Algerian government has announced its own investigation into the death of one of its citizens in Malaga's Archidona prison. It has asked for the...

Migrant numbers arriving in Spain more than triple from last year

Almost 21,500 migrants, mostly Algerians and Moroccans, have crossed the strait of Gibraltar in 2017, according to the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

BUSTED: Algerian gang targeting wealthy tourists in Marbella had almost €500,000 worth of stolen goods

According to police, the main targets of the network were foreign tourists with a certain buying power

BREAKING: Wreckage of ‘missing’ Spanish plane found

The plane, with 110 passengers and six crew onboard, lost contact with air traffic control yesterday - just an hour into its flight from Burkina Faso to Algeria

Foster families offer relief for Saharaui children

'Vacaciones en Paz' offers Saharaui children the chance for a summer holiday, but numbers of volunteer families are falling dramatically

Energy evacuations in Algeria

Spanish energy firm, Cepsa, have removed workers from Algeria following the capture of hostages

Sex fiends and criminals loose on the Costa del Sol

Just a week and Crimestoppers Most Wanted campaign snares dangerous drug dealer Michael Eddleston




U-TURN CAMPAIGN: Plea as petition for expat drivers in Spain nears 5,000 signatures

A PETITION demanding an answer from the British government over the right for expats to drive in Spain is nearly halfway there. Nearly 4,500 people...


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