A 13-year-old boy was kidnapped in Algeria and brought over by speedboat to Alicante Province to sell drugs.

The teenager went to the Policia Nacional who then arrested an Algerian man for human trafficking, kidnapping, and coercion.

The youngster’s ordeal started when he was playing football with friends in Algeria.

A man appeared with promises of finding a good team for him to play for.

He took the teenager to a house where he stayed with four other boys.

Each one of them was then placed on different boats destined for Spain along with drug consignments.

The 13-year-old was despatched to the Alicante area in early September but ran away and went to a police station.

The boy was placed into a juvenile centre but a man who was ‘looking after’ him, tracked him down and persuaded him to leave.

The teenager was told he would have to sell drugs in Alicante before transferring him to Austria in the same role.

He was held captive in a flat for a day before his captor fell asleep and the boy escaped and returned to the juvenile centre.

Police then detained his 31-year-old captor.

Meanwhile the boy’s parents had filed a missing person’s report and suspected that he was in Spain.

He was happily reunited with his family in Algeria.


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