POLICE have smashed the Spanish end of an international people smuggling gang that charged Bangladeshi nationals an average of €12,000 each to get into Spain.

The Policia Nacional have arrested two people in Alicante Province and one in the Madrid area, who was one of the organisation’s bosses.

They’ve been charged with homicide and infringing the rights of foreign citizens

Police believe the gang netted millions of euros in their people trafficking operation.

Besides Spain, members of the crime ring operated in Algeria, Bangladesh, Dubai, Mali, Morocco, and India,

Journeys from Bangladesh would take over a year and culminate in a perilous sea crossing in unsuitable crafts from Morocco to Spain.

One journey in November 2019 saw nine Bangladeshi and North African nationals die after the boat’s engine stopped working and the vessel sank.

The police probe has succeeded in dismantling the Spanish and Moroccan legs of the international enterprise.

The Madrid leader personally supervised clandestine crossings of the migrants from Algeria into Morocco.

He also organised accommodation for them in Fez, Rabat, and Tangier.

The dangerous sea crossings cost were valued at €5,000 per person and the man got a commission on each boat fare.


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