AN Algerian man has been jailed in Alicante after being accused of sexually abusing his son, 9, on a bar terrace.

The 50-year-old denies the charge saying he only hugged the boy and such behaviour was ‘normal’ in his country.

The father and son were in Spain on a short-term visa because the youngster has limited vision and was going to get an operation at an Alicante eye clinic.

They made a 300 kilometre taxi trip from Almeria on Monday and the man was drunk when he and the boy went to an Alicante bar terrace at around 9.30 pm.

Two waitresses saw he was clearly intoxicated and told him that all the tables were reserved but he sat down anyway.

Witnesses saw him kiss his son for long periods of time and touching him inappropriately which went far beyond the bounds of acceptability.

Plain-clothed Policia Nacional officers arrived at the bar and called for reinforcements due to hostility being shown by the man.

As the waitresses explained to the officers what they saw, the boy kicked his father with the intention of hitting him in the genitals.

The man was carted off to the police station, refusing to wear a Covid mask and spitting at officers.

No injuries were detected on the boy after a medical examination.

He told police that inappropriate touching by his father was ‘habitual’ and that he had been sexually assaulted in the past.

The man rebutted abuse charges in court but was nevertheless jailed pending further inquiries.


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