SOME 34 people are being investigated for building an illegal urbanisation complete with water, electricity and even swimming pools. 

Residents of Molino Hondo, a settlement in Moron de la Frontera, Sevilla, divided a huge swathe of ‘non-developable’ land into 30 different plots.

They then installed running water and electricity, and even built swimming pools and new roads leading to the plots.

Once the majority of the works were complete, they attempted to negotiate with Moron town hall to get a stamp of legitimacy.

The town hall refused, declaring all of the plots as illegal, citing the lack of any licenses and that the land is strictly non-developable and under special protection.

An investigation by SEPRONA found that the settlement negatively impacted its surrounding area.

The legal proceedings have been referred to the Office of the Environment, Land Planning and Heritage Historical of the Audience of Sevilla.



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