ANCIENT crystal weapons have been unearthed in Spain.

Archaeologists found the glass-like spearheads and arrowheads in a megalithic tomb – a burial ground built thousands of years ago.

The site – Valencia de la Concepci – is believed to have been active between 3,500 and 2,700 BC.


A transparent dagger blade and several other artefacts were also dug up.

Included within the finds was also a number of clothes made of tens of thousands of perforated amber beads.

The rock crystal dagger blade in particular, which was said to be found in the upper level of the structure, was accompanied by a sheath.

This made it an exceptionally sophisticated and valuable object from prehistoric Europe.

The dagger measured 214 mm in length, a 59 mm in width and 13mm thick.

The crystal material has experts stumped, as its origin is not known.

Despite carrying out a thorough analysis, experts were unable to  pinpoint the original whereabouts of the material.

This clip was uploaded to YouTube channel Mystery History on Tuesday and has already received almost 70,000 hits.

One comment read: “Our world still holds many mysteries. We are not the most technical generation this world has seen.”

And another added: “This is simply amazing stuff.”

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