HEPATITIS A has affected at least 38 people from an outbreak in a Palma restaurant.

The first two cases were reported in mid-December, both from the same restaurant.

Food health and safety inspectors came to the establishment, finding multiple violations severe enough to spread the rare liver disease.

By Christmas there were 25 confirmed cases, leading to the restaurant disposing of all food and total disinfection of the establishment after inspectors returned. Four employees also contaminated  the infection.

The restaurant shutdown from January 10 until 19, but has since re-opened, even as the number of those infected grows. They will be penalised and fined for the violations.

The investigation suggests that the virus started with an employee in the kitchen who handles food. The outbreak is thought to continue to grow, as the incubation period is a lengthy 50 to 60 days.

The general director of Public Health of the Balearic Islands, Maria Ramos, has stressed that if the restaurant is open it’s, “because from the point of view of public health it does not have any risk”.

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