RIP: Loggerhead turtle

A LOGGERHEAD turtle has been found washed up on a Marbella beach. 

The one-metre animal was spotted by a local resident walking on Las Petunias beach in San Pedro de Alcantara.

The local contacted police who called in the Environmental Services of the City of Marbella and the Junta.

Vet Juan José Castillo told La Opinion de Malaga the animal was in the beginning of the decomposition phase.

He could not determine the cause of death but there were no signs of violence.

Castillo said the stranding of loggerhead turtles or dolphins on the coast of Malaga is frequent.

“From now until summer we see frequent stranding on the beaches of turtles or dolphins that die of natural causes or by the action of man”, explained the vet, who said that every year he sees between 50 and 70 strandings of this type.

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