A SOLDIER stationed in Malaga has claimed she was raped by her fellow soldiers in her barracks. 

Policia Nacional have confirmed an investigation has been opened, which may be transferred to the military courts.

The soldier alleges the assault happened on December 10 last year, during the feast of the patron saint of the Air Force, Our Lady Loreto.

The complainant had gone out with colleagues in Antequera when she noticed her beers ‘tasted bitter’.

At the time she didn’t give it much thought.

“I went to the bathroom and left my bottle at the bar with my colleagues the corporal and the sergeant.”

The soldier had planned to stay at a friend’s, but they had left without leaving a key.

She alleges that ‘at one o’clock in the morning I arrived at the military base with the corporal who accompanied me because I was a bit drunk.

“The room had the key in the door, the corporal put me in my pajamas and put me to bed, then he left, I know all this because he told me about it, because since about midnight I do not remember nothing,” said the soldier in the complaint.

She added that she has gradually recalled details of the night, alledging that two partners sexually abused her.

“I felt like a piece of meat,” she adds in the complaint.

She also claims the corporal performed a drugs test on her the next day which tested positive for barbiturates, which relax the nervous system.

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