A VALENCIAN town mayor has instructed police to track down a van driver who had 20 wooden pallets stacked on top of its roof.

Mayor Juan Antonio Sagredo came across the van after a video of the strange act went viral on social media as the driver cruised along the motorway towards Paterna, east of Valencia.

The stacks went so high the driver narrowly missed hitting a sign as traffic began to build up near an industrial estate.

Sagredo said: “I have just instructed local police to investigate and report the driver for this recklessness.

“He’s endangered other road users and I ask you all to be sensible at the wheel.”

A motorist behind the driver who was filming, said: “You’ve got to be really mad to do this. We could die right here. What’s going to happen when he gets to a bend?”

The driver could face a fine of €900.

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