MANILVA has won more than €88 million in the latest EuroMillions draw.

The huge win was won by a consortium of 80 people in San Luis de Sabinillas and Manilva, meaning almost dozens of millionaires were made overnight.

The Spanish ticket was bought in the Loterías administration nº 6 of La Línea de la Concepción, located in the Carrefour Gran Sur-Torres Shopping Center, which is owned by the Luque de Manilva family.

Manilva town hall said the winning ticket belongs to a club with 80 members that in turn includes other micro-clubs, so the prize has been widely distributed.

The €88 million was actually just half of the draw which stood at a staggering  €174 million and was shared with another winning ticket in the UK.

Municipal sources have reported the win in Manilva has granted around 140 residents €750,000 euros each.

The winning combination of Friday’s draw was 18, 17, 28, 47 and 10 and the stars were 3 and 7. The total collection of this draw was €122,984,111.80.



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