LOOKING FOR ANSWERS: Sister, brother and mother of Lisa ©theolivepress

A SMALL group is thought to be behind the disappearance of Scottish expat, Lisa Brown, who has been missing since November 2015.

The information was exclusively revealed to the Olive Press by brother, Craig Douglas, following a new public plea for information in Cadiz today.

It comes just weeks after Lisa’s then boyfriend, Simon Corner, 35, who has been the main suspect in the investigation, went on the run.

Douglas, 48, believes that now Corner has absconded it could lead to the break down of the ‘wall of silence’ around his sister’s disappearance among the expat community.

Further details of the investigation cannot be revealed at this time.

A £100,000 (€114,000) reward has been offered for information on the whereabouts of Lisa, 32, from Alexandria in Dunbartonshire.

Speaking of the family’s heartache, Douglas said although Lisa’s son Marco knows his mum is missing, he does not understand the gravity of what has happened.

“His room is absolutely covered in photos of his mum.

FRESH APPEAL: Brother of Lisa at press conference near La Linea ©theolivepress

“But how a 10-year-old can even comprehend to cope with that, we don’t know,” he added.
Lisa was reported missing in November 2015 after she failed to pick up Marco from school. He now lives with father Tony.

Douglas said the most difficult part for the family is not being able to take flowers to a grave.

STILL MISSING: Lisa Brown was due to start a new job in Gibraltar when she disappeared

“These past 28 months have been the most painful of all our lives… I don’t have to tell you that the pain of losing someone never goes away,” said Douglas.

The family of Lisa are working with UK NGO Crimestoppers, the British Embassy in Spain and the Cadiz Government in the hopes of finding fresh leads.

Director of Crimestoppers, Roger Critchell, said: “We just genuinely don’t know what happened to Lisa.”

The Guardia Civil are currently leading the investigation but officials are urging for ‘citizen collaboration’.

The staggering reward has been collected through a GoFundMe page – in which the family set a target of £10,000 – funding from Crimestoppers and other sources which cannot be revealed.

Lisa moved to Spain when she was 18 in hopes of finding a ‘a better life’.

Those with information can contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 from the UK or 900 555 111 from Spain, or online at https://crimestoppers-uk.org/give-information/give-information-online.


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