A TOURIST from Granada has become an internet sensation after ranting about the use of Catalan during a Mallorquin church service.

The unnamed woman fulminated to Balearic television station IB3 that she expected to not understand mass when abroad but not while she was at the Catedral de Mallorca.

She walked out of the Easter mass service minutes after it began before launching into her tirade outside of the church.

Her forthright opinion has divided opinion online.

Some commented that the woman had every right to be angry as the service was indeed in Spain and therefore should be carried out in Castilian.

Others argued that the Balearics have their own separate culture which the tourist should have respected.

“What I do know is that there were words missing in the service, you can only take half of it in,” the woman told IB3.

“I think this is Spain, I’m not the most cultured, but this is still Spain, isn’t it?”

It is estimated that 700,000 out of the Balearic Islands 1.1 million residents speak Catalan, according to the government of the islands.


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