ON the 80th anniversary of one of the bloodiest battles of the Spanish Civil War a new book shines a light on the agony the city of Teruel endured.

La Batalla de Teruel: Guerra total en Espana, takes readers through the battle that claimed the lives of over 140,000 people during the most severe winter the country had seen in twenty years.

Through the experience of civilians and combatants, oral testimonies and historical archives, the new book, written by David Alegre Lorenz, a Doctor of History at the University of Barcelona, offers a new perspective of one of the most brutal events of 20th century Spain.

From December 1937 to February 1938 Fascist and Republican troops took to one of the smallest cities in Spain, Teruel in Aragon.

What the Republicans expected to be a victory by attacking the city, became the military turning point in the war as the recapture of Teruel removed the last obstacle for Franco to advance towards the Mediterranean Sea.


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