A SPANISH organisation which is meant to transport those with reduced mobility at Palma Airport has said it has had enough of dealing with drunk tourists.

Their complaint has come after they were forced to help a paralytic tourist – believed to be
British – stand up after he arrived off a flight.

PMR say responding to such incidents places their staff in potential danger.

“When a passenger arrives in this state, airline firms call PMR to ask us to sort out the problem, disguising the service as a ‘medical emergency,” the firm tweeted.

“They do so with the tacit approval of Spanish airports authority AENA.

“As workers we’re fed up of taking on this risk.”

The group called on airlines and AENA to take more responsibility over drunken passengers and limit the amount travellers can drink before arrival.

“I’ve seen people arrive in such a state that if you’d told me they were dead i’d believe you,” union representative Jairo Fernandez told a local TV station.

“People who couldn’t stand up and had wet themselves and could have consumed anything and everything.

“All the airlines are interested in is getting them off the plane as quickly as possible so they can get it cleaned and refuelled and turned round as quickly as possible.

“It’s not our job to be doing this sort of thing.

“There are doctors, security people, police and Guardia Civil, staff from AENA and the airline firms.”

In a video of this most recent incident PMR staff can be seen helping the man off the plane who is so drunk he cannot use his own legs.

At one point the passenger collapses while a staff member can be heard questioning, ‘What on earth has this man drunk? I just can’t believe it’.


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