MALAGA taxi drivers have ended their four-day strike and are calling a truce until September.

The strike formally began on July 29 and ended on August 1 when, at around 11:15pm, 200 taxi drivers assembled around the City Hall with the majority deciding to stop the strike after 40 minutes of discussion.

Without the strikers, the Paseo del Parque is now clear.

They decided to cease the strike until September because the administration will not enforce any measures they demand until after August, a nonworking month in Spain.

The taxi drivers hope for more regulations regarding VTC licenses (a permit to rent vehicles with a driver), which are used by Uber and Cabify drivers in the province.

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If their demands are not met, they may resume their strike.

The truce comes just as the August Fair is on the horizon, much to the relief of visitors and local representatives.

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