FELINE HAUL: Just some of the dozens of cats rescued

A 101 cats have been rescued from a Malaga home.

The feline haul came following complaints from neighbours of a ‘foul smell’ and ‘endless howling’ at night.

Grupona agents raided the home just north of the city to find dozens of cats crammed into a courtyard of 12sqm.

The house had been divided into two, with the owner, 37, saying he thought he only had around 45 pets.

The dweller said he began housing cats which started breeding but he felt too bad to get rid of them, adding that things had ‘gotten out of hand’.

Police said the dweller was likely suffering from Noah Syndrome, which burdens sufferers with a need to horde animals.

The cats had to be removed in three separate rescue missions, with all 101 being taken to the Zoosanitary Centre.

A police investigation is underway given the poor treatment of the felines.


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