TRAGIC: Fidel Jimenez

A BRITISH boat has found the body of a Malaga fisherman who went missing almost two weeks ago. 

Fidel Jimenez was found at around 6pm last night after he was swept away while spear fishing on July 22.

The Velez-Malaga local, 23, was discovered some 10km from where friends last saw him floating off the coast of Barbate in Cadiz.

Cadiz town hall confirmed the relatives have now identified the body.

It offered its ‘most heartfelt condolences’ and all its ‘support to family and friends’.

It comes more than 10 days after the lad’s mother Marin Jimenez, 49, said she was ‘broken with pain’ as she made a statement alongside her husband and other 10-year-old son.

Fidel in Bristol in the UK

“After two days, we have lost all hope of finding him alive,” she said, “I only hope we can recover the body, although I would release it back into the sea.”

The young diver had left Spain for Bristol in the UK last year to work in the hospitality industry and improve his command of English.

He returned to Velez-Malaga in May and moved to Barbate in June, where he spearfished in the morning and worked at a pizzeria in the afternoons.


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