TRAPPED: The young tourist spent more than 36 hours in the cave

A TOURIST has been rescued on the Costa del Sol having been trapped in a cave for almost two days without food or water.

The 23-year-old German man was on holiday in Mijas when he got lost hiking in Rancho de la Paz – an area with many caves and peaks.

The holidaymaker had told his roommate he was going to take photos of the area the morning of August 19 but when he didn’t return the following day he alerted officials.

Guardia Civil officers found the young man after crawling through various caves and heard cries from a person deep inside.

HIDDEN: Officials crawl through caves to find the missing holidaymaker

It is believed he fell into the cave through a small hole in the ground and could not get out alone.

The tourist spent more than 36 hours trapped without water, food, or warm clothes.

Although he was found weak and disoriented, the man did not suffer any serious injuries.

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