Victim Mario and (right) British attacker

THE one-punch killer who murdered an Argentinian expat has been identified.

The 45-year-old British tourist – who has already returned to the UK – has been revealed by Policia Nacional, although his name has been kept underwraps.

The holidaymaker punched 65-year-old Mario Sauco in the back of the head in Fuengirola almost two weeks ago, causing him to fall and hit his head on the ground.

He was in a coma for 10 days before dying.
A witness photographed the aggressor on the scene with his mobile phone, an image that the family circulated through social networks to try to identify him.

Investigators went to every store, every beach bar, restaurant and hotel in the area in search of information about the attacker.

After several days, the agents managed to put together the suspect’s name and surname.

They have now requested an international arrest warrant.

A witness told Diario Sur that the Brit stayed near the body after punching him and seeing that he was not moving.

He said: “He was crying and said: ‘I think I have killed a man'”.

According to the Brit, Mario had ‘touched up’ a 16-year-old girl  – the witness understood that it was his daughter – in a bar.

After hearing his version of events, another witness told him to ‘run, run!’ before the police arrived.

Researchers have managed to locate that bar and interview everyone who was present.

Another version of the events, according to other witnesses, was that Mario, who had been drinking that night, ran his hand over the shoulder of a teenager, a niece of the owner of the bar, who asked him to leave, while the Briton, who apparently is a friend of the owner’s brother, went after him and hit him.

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