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Marine shells used as ornaments 30,000 years ago have been discovered in cave in Spain’s Malaga

RESEARCHERS have found up to thirteen marine and freshwater shells in the Ardales Cave that were ‘carefully transformed’ into ornaments between 25,000 and 30,000...

New labyrinthine cave discovered in Spain’s Malaga

A NEW cave has been discovered in Rincon de la Victoria, between the two villages of La Cala del Moral and Rincon de la...

UNDERGROUND COOL: As Spain’s temperatures rise, opt for a cave house

EXTREME athlete, Beatriz Flamini, recently caught Spain’s attention by spending 500 days in a cave in Los Gauchos, near Motril. Her idea was to...

Spanish climber sets new world record after spending 500 days in Granada cave cut off from the world

WITH A SMILE on her face and wearing dark glasses to protect her from the daylight, Spanish climber and elite sportswoman Beatriz Flamini emerged...

DOG’S BEST FRIENDS: Pooch rescued from cave in Spain after BOMB SQUAD called in

A HUNTING dog that had been trapped in a cave for five days has been rescued unharmed after a massive Guardia Civil operation. Bomb squad...

Recently opened treasure cave in Spain’s Malaga popular with international tourists

INTERNATIONAL tourists have flocked to visit the recently opened ‘Cueva de la Victoria’. In the three months that the cave has been open to the...

Badger unearths ‘exceptional’ Roman treasure trove in cave in northern Spain

AN exceptional treasure trove of Roman coins buried for centuries in a cave in northern Spain has been unearthed thanks to a hungry badger. The...

Cave painting thought to be 5,000 years old found in Spanish cave

It comes after the discovery of what has been dubbed the ‘Spanish Stonehenge’ in Extremadura this summer

OH BE-CAVE! Architect in Spain turns tatty tool shed into stunning cave home

The project, which took just four months to complete, enshrines the concept of minimalism with natural materials

Father arrested after the bodies of German mother and child found in a cave on Spanish island

The man was arrested near Adeje in Tenerife after his other son, aged five, escaped the mountain cave and alerted the police

Tourist rescued after spending TWO days trapped in Costa del Sol cave without food or water

The 23-year-old man was on holiday in Mijas when he got lost hiking in the Rancho de la Paz area

Cave paintings and jewelry deemed too old to be made by Homo Sapiens

CAVE art and jewelry found in Spain is too old to have been made by modern humans. Animals, hand stencils and shell jewelry were made by...

Andalucia teen facing 8 years for ‘burning two 12-year-old girls and man’ to death ‘over €4 debt’

TWO teenagers are facing combined sentences of 13 years after starting a fire which killed two 12-year-old girls and a 21-year-old man. The prosecutor's office...

The troglodyte minstrel

Sam Goodwin meets the Rev Richard John, a sexagenarian London busker-turned-blues artist who has found his ‘sweet home Andalucia’ in a Granada cave

Cueva del Gato could finally open to the public in Benaojan

Malaga is masterminding a dramatic new project

Granada cave-dwellers resist eviction attempt

Granada’s city council, which claims the caves are unsafe, calls the residents squatters

Oldest DNA in history found in Spanish cave

Genetic material extracted from 400,000 year old bone

Tooth found in Cave of Orce named earliest human remain

A milk tooth discovered in Granada is believed to be the oldest remain ever found in Western Europe

A deep discovery in Huercal-Overa

The Sima del Campico, found by five local potholers, is the largest cave found in the area to date

Prehistoric cannibal victims found in Spain

A 16-year-old study concluded a large family whose remains were found in an Asturian forest have been eaten alive 50,000 years ago

Dispatches of a Cave Dweller

Modern day cave living should become more popular as it is a fantastic way of life, a good investment or retirement package to the quiet Andalucían life in the mountains




German tourist is robbed of €50,000 Rolex in Spain’s Mallorca

A GERMAN tourist has been reunited with his €50,000 Rolex watch that was wrenched off his wrist in Mallorca's Port d'Andratx on New Year's...


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