BENAOJAN’S Cueva del Gato could finally be opened to the public, as part of an extensive new project masterminded by Malaga council.

Elijah Bendodo, president of the Malaga council, has visited Benaojan – about 15km from Ronda – to assess the possibilities of the project.

The goal is to enhance the area’s value as a tourist destination, by making the first 400m of the cave accessible to the public.

“Our goal is the conversion of this natural area into a valuable tourist destination for the whole of the Guadiaro Valley,” said Bendodo.

The cave – which is more than 16km in length – comprises one of the most complex caves systems in the world, attracting expert cavers and lovers of adventure sport from across the globe.

But the spectacular underground world – where water erosion has created vast caverns and tunnel systems – will also hopefully be the realm of the public too.

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