Wolf Pack defendants

AN infamous gang found guilty of sexually abusing a woman at Pamplona’s famous San Fermin festival in 2016, appear to have struck again.

The so-called ‘La Manada’ (Wolfpack) gang are to stand trial for ANOTHER  attack on a young woman, 21.

The four men are accused of abusing the second girl while in a moving car in Cordoba province.

The group, from Sevilla, Antonio Manuel Guerrero, José Ángel Prenda, Jesús Escudero and Alfonso Jesús Cabezuelo allegedly groped her breasts and kissed her while she was sleeping.

In the new case, the four men videoed their sexual attack on a phone, sharing the footage over messaging app WhatsApp.

The shocking new footage, found on the gang’s phones, was revealed during the investigations of the Pamplona attack.

The judge alerted a magistrate in Pozoblanco to look into the attack.

The woman met the gang at a local fiesta and chose to go back to Pozoblanco with the gang in Guerrero’s car, who is a member of the Guardia Civil.

Prenda filmed the attack on Guerrero’s phone, also joining in the groping, as the girl sat in the back between military man Cabezuelo and hairdresser Escudero.

Cabezuelo faces a separate assault charge, as he later threw the girl from the car, slapping her across the face after she refused to perform oral sex on him.

The woman took pictures of her bruises the next day, but didn’t remember the attack, only realising what had happened when police showed her the footage.

Guerrero, Prenda, Escudero and Cabezuelo have been on bail since June and are awaiting the result of a Supreme Court review of their nine-year sentences for the Pamplona attack.

In the meantime they have been given restraining orders, so they must stay over 500 metres away from their Pozoblanco victim at all times.

Ángel Boza, the fifth gang member, who was only involved in the Pamplona attack, has been sent back to prison for trying to steal sunglasses in Sevilla.

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