SCENE: Next to Estepona promenade

GUNSHOTS fired on the Costa del Sol tonight are believed to have been part of a kidnapping.

Witnesses say that between two to four hooded men approached a man who was dining at a restaurant on Estepona’s promenade – believed to be Mr Noodles – at around 10.45pm.

According to sources cited by Diario Sur, the man made a run for it as the kidnappers gave chase while shooting at him.

EVIDENCE: Bullet from shooting circled by police

They allegedly caught up with him at the door of a restaurant on Plaza de Ortiz, where witnesses say they beat him up and bashed him over the head with the butt of a gun.

It was then that a BMW X5 vehicle pulled up before the man was bundled inside.

The reports come after a witness told the Olive Press he saw the same car speeding past them after hearing gunshots.

The British expat told the Olive Press: “We were driving away from Estepona towards Cancelada.

“As we passed the beach we heard shooting.

“We were then overtaken by a grey BMW X5 at speed heading in the same direction as us!”

The shooting caused mass panic and a stampede in the seaside town.

Expats and locals locked themselves inside bars and restaurants fearing it might have been a terrorist attack.

But according to sources, everything thus far indicates that it was a kidnapping and part of a settling of scores.

Policia Nacional are still investigating and nothing has been ruled out or confirmed.

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