FLAUNTING FREEDOM: Tejon is enjoying evading the cops as he appears in a rap video

ONE of Spain’s leading drug bosses has taunted police after appearing in a rap video surrounded by scantily-clad dancers.

Career criminal Francisco Tejon is surrounded by twerking beauties dancing to Reggaeton singer Clase A.

Spain’s most wanted has been on the run since 2016 after being identified as one of the leaders of the prolific drug trafficking gang La Castañitas, which operates out of the Campo de Gibraltar.

The X-rated music video is believed to have been shot around La Linea.

Tejon can be seen exiting a Bentley car before he is greeted by nearly a dozen semi-naked women, waiting for him with champagne, on sofas and in a jacuzzi.


MAKING AN ENTRANCE: Tejon at beginning of clip

The villa boasts a swimming pool, bar and round beds with sado-masochistic sex toys.
Sources say it is being used as a brothel by members of Tejon’s gang.

He has been branded ‘Spain’s most wanted narco’ and detectives in Madrid are said to consider him to be the most important cannabis trafficker in Europe.

His older brother Antonio was arrested in June in an operation involving 100 officers.

Tejon’s gang was blamed for a violent raid on a Spanish hospital in February, when gang member Samuel Crespo Dominguez was ‘rescued’ by around 20 masked men.

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