Snow in Madrid

SPAIN’S weather agency AEMET has warned of plummeting temperatures, rain and SNOW. 

The bleak outlook is forecast from Friday onwards as a ‘mass of very cold air’ is due to enter the Iberian peninsula from the north.

Experts are predicting a ‘significant drop in temperatures’ which will hit the north on Friday and ‘will affect nearly all of Spain’ by Saturday.

The mercury could fall by between eight and 10 degrees Celsius in the northern half of the country.

The east will feel the effects mostly on Sunday with temperatures falling four to five degrees.

The likes of Marbella on the Costa del Sol are set for lows of 11C on Saturday and 10C on Sunday, with highs of 19C and 15C respectively.

Temperatures in Galicia could drop to as low as 6C on Saturday.

AEMET is forecasting rain on Friday in the north, extending to the rest of Spain and Portugal on Saturday.

There is also a chance of snow in mountain areas, at elevations of around 1,200 meters above sea level.

Strong winds will increase the feeling of cold in the Ebro valley, Catalunya and the Balearic Islands.


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