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Spain voted Europe’s MOST humble country and one of most welcoming to Muslims

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TOLERANCE: Spain voted one of most friendly countries to outsiders and the most humble in Europe
TOLERANCE: Spain voted one of most friendly countries to outsiders and the most humble in Europe

SPAIN is the country least likely to regard their culture as superior to others, a poll of 56,000 people in 34 European nations has found.

The research carried out by the Pew Research Centre from 2015-2017 found that just 20% of Spaniards said that their culture is superior to others.

That is compared to 46% in the UK, 47% in Portugal and a whopping 89% in Greece, the highest of any country polled by the ‘nonpartisan fact tank’.

All respondents (aged 18 and over) were made to indicate the extent to which they agreed with the statement: ‘Our people are not perfect, but our culture is superior to others.’

Spain is also one of the most tolerant countries towards Muslims, the study found, with three quarters of Spaniards (74%) saying they would be willing to accept Muslims into their family.

The immigration of Muslims to Spain is a very current issue in the minds of Spaniards. especially as Andalucia prepares to go to the polls in December.

Ahead of Spain for tolerance towards Muslims were Belgium (77%), Sweden (80%), Denmark (81%), Norway (82%) and the Netherlands (88%), while Armenia emerged with the lowest tolerance of Muslims at just 7%.

The research was carried out prior to Socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez succeeding right-wing Mariano Rajoy’s government in June, following a no confidence vote, so it does not necessarily reflect current social attitudes in Spain.

The overall picture indicates a west-east divide, with the Pew Research Centre concluding there are ‘high levels of religious nationalism in the East and more openness toward multiculturalism in the West.’

It was also found that, as a country, Spain has one of the most positive stances on same-sex marriage, with 77% of Spaniards favouring/strongly favouring it and 13% saying they oppose/strongly oppose it.

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