A SPANISH warship has ‘illegally’ sailed into British waters off Gibraltar while blasting its national anthem.

Gibraltarian Fisherman Nicholas Karnani filmed the Spanish naval vessel passing the Rock before uploading the incendiary clip to Twitter.

In the video, ‘Marcha Real’ can be heard blaring in the latest gesture of military might near the British Overseas Territory.

Karnani wrote: “Enough is enough, it may not undermine sovereignty for the UK, but for us Gibraltarians it’s an invasion of BGTW (British Gibraltar Territorial Waters).

“The UK Government must take action in defence of its people.”

The UK Defence Journal also confirmed the news and said the boat was an Infanta Elena, a Descubierta class corvette dating from 1980.

Another Gibraltarian, John Connor MBE said: “Clear provocation. Looking forward to the Foreign Office’s impotent PC verbal response.”

INVASION: A map supposedly showing the route the warship took along the coast of Spain (credit: John Connor MBE)

The inflammatory military exercise by the Spanish comes after the British nuclear submarine HMS Astute arrived in Gibraltar at the weekend.

Last month also saw a Royal Navy ship off Gibraltar fire a warning flare when a Spanish Guardia Civil boat got too close to nuclear submarine HMS Talent.

There have been growing tensions between the UK and Spain since discussions over the future of Gibraltar’s sovereignty emerged following Brexit talks.

Spain’s troublesome foreign minister Josep Borrell ignited fierce debate after he said: “I think the United Kingdom will split apart before the Kingdom of Spain.”

He also claimed Spain would not stop an independent Scotland joining the EU and with Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez also appeared to reopen the debate on the sovereignty of the Rock.

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