DESTROYED: Susana Diaz’ PSOE party recorded historic losses in the vote

SUSANA Diaz has said she will not resign after her PSOE party had its worst regional election performance since 1975.

After she called the snap election Andalucia’s acting leader lost 14 seats, while far-right party Vox gained their first 12, in the region’s 109-seat parliament.

Diaz had hoped an early vote would buoy the Pedro Sanchez administration but typically socialist Andalucia instead gave huge gains to pro-life, anti-immigration party Vox.

As she looks to form a government, Diaz said on Wednesday: “Obviously, if I do not rule, I will stay in Parliament.”

The local leader said she would take her seat, even if the opposition parties formed a coalition.

It comes as the PP and Ciudadanos look to strike a deal with Vox, despite the far-right party initially saying they would not cooperate.

The Ciudadanos are however the only option for Diaz’ PSOE to rule Andalucia, but the centre-right party are more likely to work with the PP.

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