MURDER: A Las Palmas hot dog vendor murdered his customer after his son complained about food hygiene

A CUBAN hot dog seller in the Canary Islands has been sentenced to eight years in prison after he stabbed his customer to death in the street.

A Las Palmas court heard how the fast food vendor, known as Adriel, 29, took a knife hidden in a bag and stabbed his victim, referred to as AS in the liver.

The murder happened on the night of 12 April in 2017, two days after the victim’s son had argued with Adriel about food hygiene.

After the initial confrontation Adriel was admitted to hospital with a nervous breakdown, but he then escaped to find AS at his home.

The pair then fought viciously, culminating in the stabbing of AS later that night in front of his wife and son, as they made their way to the police station to denounce the man.

The sentencing gave €328,000 to the victim’s family, including his son, brothers and wife after they witnessed the traumatic incident.

It was heard that Adriel suffers from a neurocognitive disorder, leading the judge to rule that he must first serve eight years in a psychiatric detention centre before prison.

His time in the mental facility will however be deducted from his time served in prison.

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