NOT OVER YET: Susana Diaz-led PSOE have yet to throw in the towel

A ROW over extreme-right party Vox could allow the PSOE and Susana Diaz to stay in power in Andalucia.

It comes as Ciudadanos and the Partido Popular failed to reach an agreement to pact despite collectively picking up more seats than the Socialists in the December 2 snap election.

Their fall out comes as centre-right Ciudadanos is refusing to join any coalition that would include Vox, which stormed Andalucia with 11% of the vote.

In contrast the PP party is happy to include the 12 elected members of Vox, as it means an overall majority for a right wing coalition.

RIDING INTO POWER: Vox leader visiting Sevilla during campaigning last month

The lack of progress means it is unlikely there will be an agreement by the December 27 deadline, when the government must decide its president, vice president and all other ministerial positions.

The Socialist deputy leader, María Jesús Serrano, confirmed the PSOE has yet to throw in the towel and confirmed the party was negotiating with other parties to stay in power.

It comes after the party, still under the leadership of embattled Susana Diaz, said it would vote down a Ciudadanos-PP minority government.

If there is no agreement by December 27, the deadline will be pushed back by two months.

And if there is still no deal made, another election will be called.

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