THEY have been coming to the Sierra Nevada for decades from their home in Almeria.

And, best of all, retired expats Martin and Brenda Carney, 72 and 70, now get their ski passes completely free of charge.

“All we have to do is rent our gear and we have been using the same shop Ski Sol since we first came,” explains former UK hotelier Brenda. “We love it up here and the snow is usually excellent.”

Shop boss Montse (pictured with them) explains that they have dozens of clients in their 70s, and one Norwegian in his NINETIES.

“He’s been coming down here for years,” she reveals. “He is amazingly fit and I think skiing really helps him stay that way.”

Many of the local business owners still ski every day, well into their sixties.

They include Jose Carlos, at Bodega Casablanca, and EOE skiing school boss Jose Luis Hernandez, 64, who explains: “It’s a great sport, using almost all your muscles, your arms, your legs and your dorsals, not to mention the heart.

“My brother Manolo still skis and he’s in his 80s and I intend to ski when I’m 90.”

Statistically 2.7% of skiers in the Sierra Nevada are over 60 years old.

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