NO DEAL: If the UK crashes out of the EU with no Brexit agreement Ryanair will still be able to operate under a new license

RYANAIR’S British subsidiary has secured a licence allowing it to operate in the UK in case of a no-deal Brexit.

The no-frills airline said the permit means it can ‘operate UK domestic and UK to non-EU routes in a post-Brexit environment, if necessary’.

London and Brussels  have a plan in place to allow UK carriers to fly to the EU in case of no deal but it does not allow UK carriers to fly routes between EU destinations.

“The risk of a no-deal Brexit in March is rising,” said Juliusz Komorek, chief legal and regulatory officer at the Irish-owned airline.

“Despite our robust post-Brexit structures, including our post-Brexit plan around European ownership, we continue to call for the UK and EU to agree a transition deal from 31 March 2019, so that any disruption to flights and British consumer summer holidays in 2019 can be avoided.”

Ryanair operates more than 800 flights to or from Spain per day from airports across Britain and the EU.

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