BIG: Some of the biggest brands in Spain are set for major sugar cuts

SOME 4,000 products in Mercadona, McDonald’s and Carrefour are set to see major sugar and salt cuts.

It comes as hundreds of leading food and drink brands have pledged to reduce at least 10% of sugar, saturated fat and salt in their products by 2020.

Spain’s Ministry of Health has signed 20 agreements with 398 companies in a bid to improve diets.

More than 4,000 products from 13 different sectors will be regulated, including soft drinks, pastries, cereals and dairy products.

TOUGH: Spain’s Ministry of Health has signed agreements with hundreds of companies

The government hopes to reduce salt by 16%, trans-fats by at least 5% and packaged meat – such as ham, turkey breast, sausage and chorizo – products by 10%.

All supermarkets will have to stick to the changes, set to be published in the coming days.

Other fast food giants, including McDonald’s, KFC and Telepizza, have signed the document adhering to the new regulation.

“This enormous effort in the industry is a milestone, another step towards achieving a healthier diet. We can be proud of our companies, which show responsibility with health, the plan will have a very significant impact on nutritional work,” said Minister of Health, Maria Luisa Carcedo.

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